Tasha Stewart, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)  


Tasha Stewart is a graduate of the 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapy program (WCCMT 2001) with the majority of her practice at UBC where she treated varsity & professional athletes as well as students, professors, residents, and coaches. She is not exclusive to any population, and is always keen to explore what activities of daily life & biomechanics may either be supporting or hindering a person’s function. She continues to greatly value the growth that comes with treating a wide variety of clients.

Tasha began studying dance at the age of 4 and expanded her dance repertoire from ballet, jazz & contemporary to include hip hop and break dancing.  Additionally, she has completed 240 hours of yoga teacher training, and years of Daoist Medical Qigong training to the Master’s level.

Her clinical approach frequently incorporates techniques to address tissue restriction & pain referral patterns, aiding the body to its optimal state. Tasha also has a passion for post-grad learning and has frequently far surpassed the required education credits for an RMT, including:

  • fascial manipulation
  • myofascial trigger point and fascial release
  • osteopathic techniques
  • cranial-sacral techniques
  • visceral techniques
  • neuro-meningeal manipulation
  • ligamentous articular strain technique (LAST)
  • muscle energy technique for skeletal alignment
  • Swedish massage therapy

Further, she has been been hired to create and perform in a yoga fitness video, participate in a cross training program of ballet/yoga for varsity athletes, and has consulted on an internationally syndicated television show for Qigong.

“My treatments are not exclusive to a population, but rather I choose to be inclusive to all — recognizing the value in facilitating wellness with those who need it. I thoroughly enjoy helping clients to reach their health goals and being part of an excellent team of practitioners.”


“Massage Therapy with Tasha has changed the quality of my life. Her attention and commitment to helping me overcome chronic pain by getting to the root of my muscle tension and posture dysfunction, while helpfully suggesting any stretching or exercise that is beneficial to regaining my strength and mobility is always supportive and constructive.”

“Tasha’s experience in dance and her commitment to her own education exploring new techniques and therapies ensures her approach is consistently holistic and balanced and allows the mutual trust and consistent care that I look for in a RMT. I feel very lucky to have found Tasha and recommend her highly to anyone needing an experienced, attentive and compassionate Massage Therapist.” – Bobbi M.

“When I contracted frozen shoulder on my left shoulder a few months after my recovery from the right shoulder, I decided to treat this one in a different way. Although, the physiotherapists did a great job for my right shoulder, the process was long and painful. So this time, for my left shoulder, I went to see Tasha. After the initial evaluation, she detected what was going on, she started a series of massages under my armpit and muscle around it. She was patient and treated it with strength and gentleness. This time, the treatment was not as painful and the recovery was much faster. I am really grateful of and impress by her attention and her professional treatment. ” – Sharper Shoai




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