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Stuart Anderson is a mental performance coach and consultant.  He holds post-graduate degrees in Performance Psychology, and has extensive experience helping elite performers and organizations achieve more success and satisfaction.   This work is about optimizing consistent performance, applied to many different domains such as athletics, performing arts (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.), professionals of all types (surgeons, pilots, lawyers, public speakers, etc.), organization/group dynamics, etc..   Mr. Anderson is not a Registered / Clinical Psychologist — his practice is focused on the psychological aspects of performance. Much of this work is done face-to-face in clinic (or via Skype), and we also have a number of recommended online modules available for clients called Performance Awareness & Development (PAD) 

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Results! I started working with Stuart during my previous offseason and throughout the past few months I have been able to work through barriers, gain clarity of my goals and add valuable tools to my mental toolbox. This component to success if often underestimated but I highly recommend anyone looking to optimize their performance to consider working with APC as the results speak for themselves! JJ, Canadian National Bobsled Team

Outstanding I was one of the Glotman Simpson Cycling racers who attended your sports psychology workshop during the winter/spring. The one who kept asking way too many questions…  I just wanted to say – Thank you!! I didn’t realize at the time how much of a difference it would make. I’ve found it so much easier this year to not only stay calm and composed, but also to be more focused when it mattered. I even got compliments from our follow car on Saturday at provincial road race championships, when my chain came off my bike in the last lap and got stuck in my spokes, and I fixed it without panicking and chased back on. No freaking out! The previous day was the provincial time trial championship, a 30km solo race against the clock. 30km is a long way to be going all out, alone! There was a lot of self talk and focus involved… and I won :). The second half of that race honestly felt more mental than physical, and I felt so grateful to you that I was prepared to take that on (and not blow up).  So thanks again! I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you made in my season this year.   Morgan

The Real Deal “I first met Stuart at the 2011 Peak Performance Project Bootcamp…  I can speak for the rest of my band when I say, we were immediately comfortable with Stu and felt relaxed and open to speak our minds when he was around. While at the bootcamp, we were in studio recording a song with the legendary GGGarth [Richardson].  It was the most magical recording experience I’ve ever had and I honestly believe it was because of the people we had in that room.  Along with GGGarth and our engineer Paul Boechler, Stuart was there setting the mood and creating positive vibes that would help us record with our hearts and not overthink it.

I also met with Stu one-on-one when I was having conflict issues with a band mate.  He listened and asked the right questions and gave me some awesome advice that helped greatly.  The thing I really love and admire about Stu is his “realness”.   When meeting with him, it doesn’t feel like meeting your therapist, it feels like meeting an old friend.  It’s real, it’s comfortable.

As a band, we had lots of underlying issues that would eventually erupt in verbal confrontations and usually cause some form of emotional damage.  When we first met with Stu, it was amazing to see how calmly and openly we could speak with each other about our issues.  Stuart’s mere presence warms and calms the room to where everyone feels comfortable and equal.  Stu also helped our lead singer tremendously with his live performance anxiety.  Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that whether in a group or one-on-one, Stuart’s ability to assess, mediate, and calmly advise solutions is incredible. He’s the real deal!  K.D.,  Fields of Greenwinners of C-Fox Seeds and 2-time finalists for the Top 20 102.7 FM Peak Performance Project.

In a better place “A friend suggested I contact Stuart Anderson to help me with some mental barriers I was experiencing with my sport after a couple of very traumatic falls. I also was struggling with confidence and belief in my strengths and abilities in other areas of my sport. I had become very self-critical and was unable to accept any positive feedback from my coaches. I was dwelling on the negative and the sport I once loved was no longer fun. I knew I had the potential but it was frustrating to not have it realized on my or my coach’s timeline and I felt defeated.  I can honestly say that I don’t know if I could have finished my season without Stuart’s help.  He gave me strategies and visualizing techniques which helped me push onward and forward in the event I was having the most difficulty with (an event I considered quitting).  He also listened to my other issues and helped me realize that I need to focus more on the process of improving my technique rather than the results.  During our sessions, I felt safe and knew I was being heard.  Even though it wasn’t my best season results-wise, I think I have a better approach and a more positive attitude towards my training and can look at my sport with a long term perspective instead of demanding immediate gratification as my only motivation.  I appreciate having someone like Stuart who is 100% concerned about my psychological well being and not does not have personal investment in my athletic achievement.  I am in a better place to keep building on what I learned from Stuart.”  S.P., Elite track athlete, 2013

Do yourselves a favourOne thing we’ve learned after 6 years of touring is that often the hardest part of being a successful band is simply keeping the band together!  There is so much more to this business than just the music – of course you need the songs and the talent – but if you’re not prepared mentally for the rigours of hitting the stage day in and day out, and living out of a suitcase for weeks on end, you won’t last out there.  Stuart has helped our group gain focus on what our strengths and weaknesses are as a unit as well as individuals and has aided us in creating a positive and constructive working environment where we can thrive creatively.  In addition, he has provided us with great impartial observations of not just our inner workings as a band, but our stage show itself and has given us effective methods for preparing mentally for each show. If you want to take your career to the next level, do yourselves a favour and seek out some consultation by Stuart. It’s one of the best things you can do for your band, besides writing a hit song!”  Matt Layzell – The Matinée (2011 Peak Performance Project Finalists)

Stand out  Stuart came highly recommended to me by two separate individuals, and they were sure he would prove to be stand out in his performance psychology work.   They were right.  My issue related to public speaking and specifically the fear that came with it.  I had managed to successfully avoid speaking in front of large groups for the most part however, I knew that it was a personal goal that I needed to meet. An opportunity at work meant presenting in front of a large crowd and with that, the necessity to face this fear.  I contacted Stuart only a few days before I was to present and thankfully he responded and fit me in almost immediately.  He gave me a batch of great tools to work with and some much needed inspiration. He was able to draw on personal experience and visualization techniques that spoke to me.  I was able to use these tools effectively and managed to pull it off! Thank you Stuart!  Emily W.



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