I am a competitive dancer and have been suffering from chronic neck pain and migraines for some time. I had tried several practitioners but they always seemed to leave my neck feeling worse rather than better.  Bowen therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive technique that is super relaxing. After a couple of treatments I already noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. I would highly recommend seeing Hela as she is very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  C. Houwers, 40 

When I was pregnant around 6 months, I was having lower back pain. I knew about Bowen therapy long before this but never gave it a try. But when I had the low back pain wanted to see if it would help. One of my classmates was trained in it and so I asked her if she’d be willing to help me out. To my surprise the Bowen treatment was very gentle and very relaxing I almost fell asleep on the table. Couple days after my first Bowen treatment my back pain disappeared and I haven’t had a problem with it since.  I am so grateful I gave it a chance.  AP, 27

The first time I tried Bowen was when I was in labor with my second child. Hela was a birth Doula for both of my births. My first labor took about 27hrs. But when I was having my second baby, the labor was a lot shorter about 14 hrs. I would say Bowen sped up my labor significantly. When Hela arrived at the hospital to be my doula support, she used Bowen as one of the labor support techniques, and to my surprise my son was born within an hour of Hela coming to the hospital. I would highly recommend her for both Bowen therapy as well as a Doula. She is amazing. Very caring, resourceful, and with best intentions for my care, she goes above and beyond. CS, 30

As a ballroom dancer I’ve always something to complain about my physical being and I need it fixed right now! [Hela’s treatment] …was my first time experiencing the Bowen therapy and it was nothing like I was expecting… Bowen therapy strikes right at the heart of the problem! I’ve had the tension in my muscles relieved in minutes and after a short period of “now relax, let the energy flow” I was back on the dance floor. I highly recommend the Bowen therapy, one of the most pleasant and relaxing therapies out there!  Sergiu Ciolac, 33

Bowen therapy was absolutely amazing when I got my first experience with it. I was pregnant with my third child and Hela was my Birth Doula this time around. Previously I have spent several long hours with my previous labors, one resulting in a c-section, so I was very surprised that my third baby was born in 2.5 hrs total and the pain was manageable. Hela did Bowen on me as soon as she arrived during my labor, and within an hour my son was born. My recovery has been by far the easiest in comparison to my previous two labors, and I believe it is thanks to Bowen therapy and Hela being an amazing doula.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a birth doula or an alternative therapy to pain. AS, 33

I had a bad frozen shoulder. I could not sleep because I could not rest my right arm. I had to support my right arm with blankets and my other hand to have a little rest during the night. With every move I woke up due to pain. I do not know what was worse for me, night or day. During the day I could not use my right arm. I could not reach above my head, I could not reach forward or behind. I had to stop doing yoga and other sports. I had difficulty getting dressed. I was trying to solve my problem by getting help from a chiropractor, then I tried massage and other remedies. Nothing was helping. Even special exercises were worsening my situation. Almost after 1 year of battling with this condition, my daughter came to me with idea of Bowen therapy that one of her classmates practiced. I was afraid of the treatment, but it was not like the classical massage as I thought it would be. It was something different I never heard of before. There was nothing to lose so I gave it a shot. The Bowen treatment was very gentle and afterwards I felt very relaxed. Right after the treatment I did not notice anything but in 2 days after the treatment I felt 85% better. I could raise my right hand above my head and I could put it behind my back. And at night I could finally sleep.  After this initial treatment I got another 4 for my frozen shoulder and I got my mobility of my right arm 100% back. Now I can do my yoga exercises again. I can put both of my hands behind my back and hold them without any pain.  I am believer of Bowen therapy because it works. I just wish I had found this therapy a year earlier.  IB, 54




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