The Performance Clinic

 Premium Integrated Therapy for Optimal Performance 

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Empower — Integrate — Optimize AND Transform.

Whatever your goals may be — we look forward to helping you achieve.


Premium Personalized Therapy

Anderson Performance Clinic is a boutique multi-disciplinary clinic offering premium, integrated therapy and health services.   Our outstanding clinicians give 100% undivided attention in a one-to-one treatment experience with our clients.  


Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, & Registered Massage Therapy

Clinical approach can incorporate a wide variety of techniques including: deep-tissue release, joint mobilizations, neuro-muscular, cranial-sacral, trigger point and fascial release, muscle energy techniques, skeletal alignment, circulatory and visceral techniques, taping and exercise prescription.


High-Performance Coaching & Counselling

Learn mental tools and skills for optimal performance!  We offer one-to-one coaching and online courses. Begin by taking account of key performance factors that determine how to spend your effort for maximum positive impact…


IMS / Medical Dry Needling

We offer a number of treatments strategies including IMS (intramuscular stimulation) , acupuncture points, and dry needling techniques.  Neuro-functional Dry Needling © is based upon the understanding of neural control of tissues. This approach is a highly effective treatment strategy for tissue dysfunction, joint movement and pain.

Screening, Movement Analysis & Conditioning

You do not need to be injured to benefit greatly from a detailed orthopaedic assessment and prescriptive rehabilitative exercise program for movement correction.   This service includes detailed movement analysis to determine what muscles imbalances exist and how to best address them, with correction of movement patterns and stretching / strengthening strategies. 

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Dynamic Foot & Gait Analysis

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Includes bio-mechanical assessment, diagnosis, and Dynamic Foot & Gait Analysis with Loran Engineering force measurement platform.  With this innovative Sensors Platform it is possible to give a uniquely accurate and powerful visual representation of the data to determine foot position, pressure, movement, stability, load development and load distribution in 2D/3D.

To learn more about the LORAN technology: info@performanceclinic.ca


Stage-side Support 

Get detailed support for your performances! We provide care for touring and local performers, with in-house and travelling services…



  • Open 7 days/week

  • Dr. referral not required for treatment/services

  • Services recognized by insurance

  • ICBC claims accepted

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