We provide a unique integration of physical and mental therapies for your optimal performance and wellness


Anderson Performance Clinic


Performance Coaching


IMS / Acupuncture

Massage Therapy (RMT)

Rehab & Conditioning

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Upcoming Workshops & Classes


Performance Psychology workshops

Principles of Performance Psychology -- monthly workshops addressing wide range of topics related to mental performance skills and related tools   

To register or enquire : info@performanceclinic.ca  

conditioning & rehab Class
Every thursday@6pm 

Guided and supervised by registered clinicians, we work with you to transition from injury to performance-ready!   This is an educational session to address biomechanics and technique-related coaching. But you do NOT need to be injured, or a dancer to get a lot out of this!  

Nutrition for health and healing
January 2018

Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist to lead a workshop and discussion on how to fuel your body for activity and recovery!

To register or enquire : info@performanceclinic.ca   



Diagnosis and biomechanical diagnosis of injury and movement dysfunction, treatment and education. Treatment will combine those most appropriate to the client, such as manual therapy (ie. osteopathic, manipulation), myo-fascial and neural release, IMS / Neuro-functional dry needling ©, rehabilitative exercise and education.

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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy. Techniques include Myo-fascial / Deep-Tissue, Swedish / Circulatory and Neuromuscular techniques. Clinical approach frequently incorporates a wide variety of techniques including: osteopathic, cranial-sacral, trigger point and fascial release, muscle energy technique for skeletal alignment, visceral techniques, ligamentous articular strain technique (LAST), and Swedish massage therapy.


Mental Performance Coaching

Learn mental tools and skills development for optimal performance! Take account and determine what tools to spend your effort on to develop skills for maximum impact.


I.M.S. / Neuro-functional Dry Needling©

We offer a number of treatments including IMS, acupuncture points, and dry needling techniques. Stuart Anderson has taken many post-graduate courses in Europe and Canada in Medical Acupuncture, IMS and Functional Dry Needling. He calls his approach Neuro-functional Dry Needling ©, as it is based upon the understanding of nerve courses and neural control of tissues. This approach is also less painful than many other needling techniques, and is a highly effective treatment strategy for tissue dysfunction, joint movement and pain.

Screening & Conditioning 

You do not need to be injured to benefit greatly from detailed orthopaedic assessment and prescriptive rehabilitative exercise program for injury prevention and movement correction.   Includes detailed expertise of movement analysis to determine what muscles imbalances exist and how to best address them, with correction of movement patterns and stretching / strengthening strategies. 


Stage-side Support 

Get detailed support for your performances! We provide care for touring and local performers, utilizing both physical and mental treatment strategies